I saw an ad for a show called "Is Britney Back?"
The star network is obviously starving for new show ideas. Who would care? Actually - everyone cares. Here is the honest truth breakdown to who cares and why:

Teen boys: This is the most obvious group of admirers and I barely even need to speak about it. It's the same reasons that dads and middle aged men care but of course, the latter two male groups can never mention it because to like Britney Spears is practically pedophilia. She looks 15.
Only teen boys are allowed to lust after Britney Spears. She is a good object of masturbation for many men around the world. She is the woman that men imagine while they have sex for the 150th time with their girlfriend or even better the wife. But there is nothing wrong with that. It's human sexuality. Women look good, men want sex with them. No biggie. Britney is the topic of many erotic stories and is the object of many fanstay.

Teen Girls: Teen girls love the attention that Britney gets. They want attention too and turn to her as a subliminal role model. She does these kinky things in her music videos and what do you think happens at teen parties? Girls get into hot tubs and spread their legs into he same sexy poses to turn boys on.
The teen girls can be classified into two groups: Ugly teens and pretty teens. The pretty teens like to hate her because pretty girls love to hate. They can trash her all they want.

Ugly teen girls like it when Britney train wrecks because they get good feelings from it all. It's like the see-saw effect. When Britney fails, they feel better. These girls will never be lusted after for sex and if they try it's unappealing. Poor things. When they see Britney fail and because trashed in the media, it makes them feel good, and they can say to themselves "See, that's why I'm not a slut" even though Britney has nothing to do with it. It's all about the pound cakes and Twinkies. I don't' mean to be mean but that's the way the cookie crumbles!

Moms: These women are middle aged usually and think of Britney as their inside repressed self. When these women were younger, they wish they could have been like her. But they could not be because when they were her age in the 70's, it was socially irresponsible to act that way, so these poor women had to live all their lives sexually repressed. They like to watch Brittany because it's fun and it's like a fresh break from their over-run dull lives of child caring.

Old People: When a seniors watch TV becuase that's all they do, Britney gives then something to gawk at. It is like stimulation for their minds. The world evelves and I'm sure they are appaled at the way things have become! It gives them something to talk about in their scrabble circle and bingo nights.

Me: I love Britney because she gives me lots of inspiration to write about and I like following what she does. I could be like her if I wanted to be because I am very pretty like her, but I'm not a mega slut. Just a little. I fall into the category of pretty teen girls but I'm not a hater. I like her and hope she keeps up the good work so I can write more about her in the future!

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