You can feel it. You can sense it from the moment you start to get close, when you cross state line by car or when your plane touches down at McCarran International. Las Vegas is erotic. It may as well be called the City of Eroticism. It is a sexual beat in and of itself.

Cocktail waitresses in skimpy costumes, showgirls baring perfect breasts, teasing you with revealing feathery outfits, billboards touting the Riviera’s “Crazy Girls” show featuring the perfectly rounded and well exposed backsides of a bevy or beauties with the tag line “ No Ifs, ands or …” This is it baby. Erotic overload. The entire city exudes sex and eroticism. Moving billboards on trucks constantly parading up and down the Strip day and night offer “Direct to Your Room” outcall massage and nude dancers, the phone book has hundreds of listings for private escorts and there are at least half a dozen brothels within 30 miles of the city. Sex sells, and it sells Las Vegas.

Whether it be the first class extravagant Strip clubs where gorgeous model like females strut and slither to gain your attention and lap dance for your dollars or a one on one lap dance from a hot vegas escort in your room, the whole Vegas experience is erotic beyond your normal imagination. You have to be here, and see it to understand. There are no boundaries. Let your conscience be your guide. And if you do your conscience will guide you through a weekend of the most erotic temptations you’ve ever encountered.

Sex is everywhere. On every corner on every billboard, on just about every cab placard and in every hotel. Even the front desk clerks and dealers hint at the erotic. After awhile, every time you smile at a pretty girl and she smiles back your erotic antenna will buzz.

They call it Sin City for a reason. The atmosphere crackles with sex. Erotic is more than a state of mind. It is the drape that covers Las Vegas all night and all day, everyday. Or did you think those low cut, micro cocktail girl costumes were an accident? Like everything else in Vegas they are designed to promote the erotic. The servers know it, the hotel bosses know it and when you’re here you can feel it.