I love dating, and the first dates are always the best! The excitement of not knowing what to expect, the thrill of going somewhere new, the enjoyment of choosing which outfit to wear... There are so many fun things to prepare for on a first date.

Here are a couple of things to definitely do on a first date!

Wear your most favorite outfit. Who knows when you will get to wear it again, so out it on proudly and enjoy being as beautiful as can be! Putting on your best make-up and doing your hair in the cutest way will only help the image! Not only are you dressing up for your date, but you are dressing up for yourself! Dressing sexy and strutting your stuff on a date makes you feel great about yourself, and will allow your self confidence to radiate from you!

Don't be afraid of a little action. Who says you can't kiss on the first date? It is not to seal the deal, if kissing comes up, and you feel ready, go for it! Kissing is simply a part of dating and relationships, so if you really like your date, and he is coming in for the big first kiss, go for it! You might be glad you did!
An important thing to remember is to be yourself.
The date is happening because they think they like you for you, so give them what they want! Don't be afraid to talk a bit about yourself, your past, your likes and dislike, and things like that. This way if the dating progresses, you already have the ground work for great conversation! Try to leave out juicy details of past lovers, and stick to things that your current date will want to hear!

Be interested in your date, but don't fake it of course. If you really don't like the guy you are on will date with, then don't pretend to be interested. Well, you may want to pretend for the duration of the date, just to be nice, but if you don't plan on date number 2, then don't seem too excited about it, or you will just lead the poor guy on! Make sure to tell him that night, or the next day that you are not interested in a second date, or he might wait for you and wonder whats gone wrong. Letting him down earlier rather than later id your best bet.

Have fun on your first date, and don't get to serious too fast. There are many first dates out there to be had, so enjoy dating, and when you do find someone you are comfortable and happy with for a long time to come, you'll know! Good luck!