Food is one of the most sexy outside forces, it can be incorporated into your romantic encounters, but it can also take a turn for the worst, leaving stains on your fabrics, and if not careful, you can choke or hirt yourself. Just be careful! If you use the right foods for the right nights, you can enjoy a deeper, more intimate and bonding experience!

I love playing with food with my boyfriend during sex. It does get a little messy, but it is so much fun! I first got into it when my friend Abigail told me about her sexy food encounter. I was so intrigued, so I asked some of my other girl friends about eating during sex, and they have all tried it! Some of them swear by it, and incorporate food all the time, and some of them have tried it and its not really for them. I loved hearing their stories, so I surprised my boyfriend with a simple bowl of cherries. We played around with them during sex, and now we both love to share tasty treats during our romantic time!

Here are some of the examples of foods we like to indulge in during sex:
A little whipped cream can go a long way! Drop a dopple of sweet whip on her naughty bits and allow him to dig right in! But no utensils allowed, only the loving lap of a hot tongue can make its way through this creamy puddle until the goods have been reached! This will give him temptation and will tease her to the max!

He can also get in on some of the tongue action. Spread a little whip on his hard man parts and get her to lick it off like a lolli-pop! This will make him tast yummy while he enjoys his hot surprise!
Candies are also a yummy treat. Try sticking some little candies in her vagina and suck them out one at a time. This will give you a tasty treat in more than one way! Also, try feeding each other the candies with your hands or with your mouths!

Chocolate body paint is also a popular choice for hot couples! You can paint each others bodies and lick it right off! The best way to be creative and romantic at the same time! If you don't want to go out and purchase some edible body paint, just use chocolate dessert topping! This sauce is still drippy and spreads easily. Also very tasty and perfect for licking!

Get really kinky and try eating a sweet piece of cake or pie while having sex! This can get pretty messy, so you might want to do this on the floor on an old bed sheet or towel. You can do it on the bed if you prefer, just find a way to keep everything clean! And who needs utensils? If you want to eat cake or pie while having sex, go ahead and use your hands! It will most likely be hilarious and fun!

An alternative to real food is edible lubricants! You can get so many different flavors, like blueberry cheesecake, mocha chino, zest mint, banana, orange, cherry, licorice, kiwi, pina colada, and so so many more. You can use the lubrication as a sex aid, and you can eat it! So smear it on his parts to make them more slippery and wet with your parts, and smear it on each others chests and lick it off! This is messy and wet, but fun!

Have fun with food, get creative, and enjoy a more romantic and intimate sex encounter together! Mix food with your favorite drinks during sex, and you will never eat dinner at the kitchen table again!
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