MARQUIS AMERICA recommends RUBBER PONYGIRLS, Rubber Harness Part 1 from Mike Vickers and the illustrations by Gernot. This is a fantastic Rubber Story which you simply cannot miss. If you like Rubber, Bondage and Fantasy you have to read this 2 part story from Mike Vickers. Simply fabulous. MARQUIS published this extravagant story and it is only one part of up to 20 exciting Rubber Stories.

Amy's life is turned completely upside down, when she meets Astrid in the
fetish club. Innocent Amy falls in love with the experienced Dominatrix at
first sight and exceeds her own limits to be close to her. Games of
submissiveness, extreme bondage, full rubber occlusion, and role playing
determine her every day life from now on. Dressed up as a latex ponygirl
with bit, bridle and ponyshoes, pulling a sulky, she shall become an
endurance ponygirl. But Amy has to pass numerous tests, before she can be
sure, whether she is accepted as a new ponygirl ..

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This story will be continued in Rubber Ponygirls 2 - Rubber Training