If you want to go out for a night on the town and need to pick up a hottie, there is allot of thought to put put into your act for the night. Truth be told, all you need to do is to show your boobs and every man will come running and you will get the pick of the litter, but that's no fun. You should use your sexuality like a game. You are a woman so use it for all it's worth.

Play a game with the world. Life is a game and you should participate accordingly. Read on for the game instructions, rules and tips to play successfully and win!


1.) You are expected to play hard to get.
It's too easy to "pass go and collect $200" and get the guy and that's it. In my opinion, this is being lazy. The men actually like it when you play a little hard to get and this goes back to the primitive roots. Let me explain:
Men are hunters. They like to chase, hunt and win. Men like to court, woo and win. If you run a little, they will come and chase you. It's instinctual behavior that can never be overridden. If you run a little, the chase will be on and they will be hungrier then they were the moment they saw you.

2.) Never act desperate.
Desperation is poison. In fact, desperation is the getting the "miss a turn" card in a game. It sort of related to the previous rule about playing hard to get.
Desperate sex is gross. You will probably cry at the end and turn into a clinging horror beast. men will avoid you in desperation. Actually, they will have sex with you out of your desperation, but never expect andy foreplay. You will be used by his game and you will automatically lose. Don't be the loosy goosy.

3.) Stick your nose in the air.
You should be sassy, snobby and full of yourself. It's called maximizing self-confidence. When you have your nose in the air, it denotes self worth. You are picky and selective and will not crumble to the first offering of a French kiss or a penis. You will choose which man to kiss and which penis to sit on.
You may have been taught to be all nice to the other girls but the fact of the matter is that you are in a competition, so never mind the other girls. But of course be nice to them to their faces.

4.) Control the intake of booze.
There is a vicious and unfair double standard that exists in life and it's called men can get drunk and act funny and when women get drunk, it's stupid. Women should be the petty belles. Men can be the blatant drunk. If you think you are funny when you are drunk, you are not. Only you think you are funny. If you are a man and you think you are funny, chances are you are very funny.
It's very unfair, I know, but in the sex game of life, you have to play the cards you were dealt. If you are a woman, please, for the sake of those around you, your reputation and your success in the game, do not get drunk and obnoxious. Tipsy is sexy, puking is un-attractive.


1.) Spend all day making yourself pretty.
It's a woman's job to look good. We are here to add beauty to the world. use your femininity and sexuality on your side. Explore it and exploit it. Curl your hair, put on lash extensions, do anything you want to make yourself look like a super sexy vixen.
Dazzle the crowd and make the other women look like background images. When it comes to going overboard, it's very hard to. If you are so inclined to wear a feather boa - do so because you can! Go all out but be sure to follow the nest tip:

2.) Dress according to your confidence.
Don't make yourself feel stupid. Not every woman can sport the feather boa successfully. If you have the nose in the air and the confidence of a great white shark then go ad far as you can go. If you are the B type personality, maybe you should be more low key. Of course you can work on your confidence to bring it up, but don't go beyond your means or you will look silly.

3.) Keep your boobs in your shirt.
This goes back to the very beginning of this article. If you show your boobs, it eliminates the game and brings you to the end. For humanity's sake, keep your boobies in your short.
If you want to show your boobs, so to the strip club for amateur night and try a few performances. Who knows, you might even find your next calling. But for the sex game of life purposes, keep somewhat conservative because you are hard at work and you don't need distractions.

That's all for the tips and rules for now. Use my advice and enjoy the game of life. It;s really fun way to live when you look at it that way. If bad things happen and you don't bag the hottie you want, then try again next time. If you approach everything as a game, you will be happier and will be able to get back on the horse again fell you fall off. After all that's what being a confident, sexy woman is all about.