There is nothing like a steamy sex scene. We love watching the passionate art of lovemaking on TV. Or some people might say, they love a good screwin'. Regardless of which way you look at it, from a passionate point of view or a raunchy point of view, sex on the moves and television is better then sex in real life. We also love watching porn movies online, it's better then sex in real life. Why is that?

I watched a show on Friday night that is fresh in my memory. It was called the Ex-List. A television show about a woman who learns that she has already dated the man she is due to marry, so she has to go back to all her ex-boyfriends to find the man she will marry. I love the idea, it's super quirky. The only reason I even mention this show is because there is the steamiest sex scene you'll ever see. After she dumped him, she comes back to him 5 years later, all he does is walk up to her and plants a long an super exotic kiss. You can even feel your knees tingle when he does this, it's so passionate. They have numerous sex scenes too at work, in the tub, at home. Yummy.

The television sex scenes are quite different then movie sex scenes. It's like going to a strip club in a conservative country and a strip club in Canada. In the conservative country, they have to wear lingerie and cannot reveal their naughty parts. In canada, they are completely naked. The lingerie strip show is much more erotic because there is no nudity.

The sex scenes in movies are practically soft porn, too much nudity for my liking. I can't imagine myself there when there is too much nudity becuse these scenes are about the body and not about the act of passionate lovemaking and never ending foreplay. The best way to immerse yourself into the sex scene is to leave nudity out of it. Make it about passion and you can imagine yourself there.

I wish that this could be real life, but it's never that way. I think there are a few reasons why sex in movies is nothing like sex in real life:

- Music. The soundtrack to sex is a big environmental effect that impacts everything from the speed and passion level of sex. Sure you can pop a CD in your player or even pre-record the sexiest songs to make love to, but your movements don't really correspond to the music like they do in the movies. If you try to have sex in tune with the movies, your partner will notice your absenteeism from the moment. You will not react to what he does, but to the music. You can try moving to the music like an erotic and sexy dance. Make sure you tell your partner first, otherwise you are in for a really awkward sexual encounter.

- Breath. In the movies, the people must have just gone to the dentist. In real life, bad breath is always there in your own sex scenes. You can brush your teeth first of course, but in the movies, the passionate encounters are always impromptu and they never brush their teeth or have any sort of preparation beforehand. Too bad real life can;t be like this because I don't know about you, but tasking a few minutes to brush teeth before hot hand heavy foreplay is the biggest mood killer. Not to mention everything else that takes time. There are no such things as an impromptu sexual encounter like in the movies.

- First person view. Face it, sex in better when you are looking at it from a thrid person point of view. This is why porn is so popular. Think closely, have you ever seen first person porn? Never, there is nothing erotic about that at all. The camera angle that scans the sweaty, naked body and all the delicate curves is so sensual. Looking down at your man's penis enter from the top is not very sexy. Well, maybe it's sexy. but it get old quick. You can never see the hands and fingers rising slowly down your back caressing the creases of your body in an erotic fashion.

I will continue to enjoy sex scenes I the movies and on television. I wish that life can be like this, but unless i record my self and put the scent to music, I will be stuck with real sex. I like fantasy sex better, That's all I have to say about that. Don't forget that you can have better sex with sex toys
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